Beautiful Four Months – Fatherhood, Analytics, FoW, & More…

In last few days, I received multiple emails notifying me that TalkingHRAnalytics portal is down. I am glad to inform you that it is back to life and available for your reference. The portal just turned “ONE” and was needed to move servers (phew…I should have had planned it better). While this outage caused interruption, it has informed me a unique insight – the content is useful and being referred by you on a regular basis. Thank you for TalkingHRAnalytics!

Where have I been in last 4 months? I entered into 2nd inning of fatherhood in the month of April – busy settling with Banni (4 months now). During these four months, I have had an opportunity to participate in multiple industry forums – CHRO meet, speak at conferences, deliver HR Analytics Master class, and the most recent one – welcome address to a new Millennials batch entering in corporate life – a brief conversation:


We Will be Chipped – Eventually

Get used to it. Ten years ago, employees didn’t look at corporate e-mail over the weekend. Now they do, “whether we like it or not,” Be it wearable technology or an embedded chip, the always on-connected chip is going to be part of our lives.

How We Will Work in 2020

An estimates that it takes humans an average of 17 minutes to schedule one meeting, while virtual assistants cost less than $100 per month. These are the six digital trends that will transform how we work – AI, Contextual Insights, APIs, Augmentation, Security & Identity, and connectivity and ad-hoc community.


HR Effectiveness Vs Organizational Performance

Improving HR services presents a dilemma because it associates most strongly with HR effectiveness, but least strongly with organizational performance.


The effects of compliance and decisions often occur outside the HR function, but directly affect tangible outcomes (avoiding lawsuits, enhancing innovation, etc.). Focus workforce analytics on true organizational priorities – not just on traditional measures of HR functional outcomes.

An Evidence Based Approach to D&I Management

Diversity remains hot topics in the business. It’s difficult to make progress when we don’t know how effective, or otherwise, our proposed solutions are. It is even more challenging in diversity and inclusion. Academics Doyin Atewologun, Tinu Cornish, and Rob Briner explain how using evidence can help HR drive change.

Cost And Value – The Difference That Makes a Successful Workforce Analytics Function

If you are analyzing sickness, employee turnover, recruitment effectiveness or training effectiveness, you are really at the cost savings end of the spectrum. It is however still cost savings and it won’t get you a seat at the table. So do some of that, but don’t put all your efforts there.

At the other end of the spectrum, you are adding workforce data to customer/profit/sales/other business data. Examples: Finding which service behavior adds the most impact to customer experience/satisfaction, and which training programs are most effective in embedding this behavior. In this example, the workforce data leads straight on to more sales and higher profits.


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