The Self Driving Organization: What Happens When Software Can Run the Company | Jacob Morgan

Automation is definitely a hot topic these days and it is one that sits at the forefront of many discussions around the future of work. There are mainly two camps of people in this topic of discussion. There are those who feel that automation is inevitable and that while it will take some human jobs, it will also create a lot more human jobs and therefore won’t be as scary as it seems.

What is in this episode and why you should care:

Devin Fidler is the Research Director at the Institute for the Future and the Founder of Rethinkery Labs, a software defined organization that specializes in developing technologies to automate management.

What you will learn in this episode:

What iCEO is and how it works

What the self driving organization is

How current economic and political issues impact the arms race around automation

Pros and Cons of relying on data and algorithms

Which technologies Devin Fidler is excited about

Technologies that have been overhyped

What the future of work might look like

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