HR Can’t Change Company Culture by Itself

Data-Driven HR is less about technology and more about cultural change. Technology is just an enabler. A strong culture is vital for organizational success – as evidenced by the relationship between culture and leadership, employee commitment, customer satisfaction, and innovation. As the organizational goals and strategy change over time so too should culture intentionally be changed. The best leaders ask, “Who do we need to be (culture) to achieve what we’re trying to do (strategic goals)?”. But there’s one barrier that holds many organizations back from natural and fruitful culture change: ownership.

Rebecca Newton articulates cultural shift has to be a collaborative project and recommends four things for successful implementation:

  • Facilitate the research phase
  • Convince leaders, culture can change
  • …Then teach them how to change it
  • Have a formal “handoff” where the project is handed over to the business.


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Manoj Kumar

A senior management consulting professional and an entrepreneur by heart, Manoj has led global change programs for fortune 500 companies like HSBC, Fidelity Investments, and GE. His expertise lies in functional strategy development, operating model building, process analysis, operational improvement, and simplification including global implementation of BI technologies. In 2014, he was recognized as one of the Top 72 HR Analytics Influencers worldwide.

He is currently working as the Vice President, HR Analytics, HSBC. He is also very active in the Entrepreneurial community in India.
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