Measuring up: HR’s new need for leaders in data analytics

Measuring up: HR’s new need for leaders in data analytics


HR analytics leaders will most likely bring with them an unusual balance of experiences and accomplishments—they may need strength in both technology and traditional HR skills, especially in relating to and working with people, Korn Ferry finds. They may not possess the exact backgrounds of existing HR executives; they may be moving, in some cases, from other lines of a business or even across sectors. Companies need to be not only prepared to expand their horizons to new and broad talent pools for HR analytics leaders but also critically aware of how these executives will fit in their culture. Assessments, particularly through the KF4D, can be invaluable to CEOs, CHROs, and those recruiting HR analytics leaders. Will they not only adapt to the demands of creating a new analytics function but also deal well with others in the C-suite and with an organization’s routines and demands, especially, say, in creating and executing to budget? Can these leaders retain and develop talent, particularly existing staff, and bring in and integrate valuable newcomers? Will these leaders also grow so they might fulfill other roles in the organization? At the outset, might companies need external expertise to plan for this talent’s development, partly as a retention strategy?

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